Company Profile

RSolution7 has been established in 2012 to serve software industry. Experienced individuals came together to design and develop innovative products. Product could be a software, web application and mobile application (hybrid or native). Based on experience and current situation we are coming up with ideas which will be very useful in future. Domains like education, medical and eatables have multiple opportunities. We are working on creative ideas to develop applications, useful for all types of users with different languages and different financial condition.

What matters to you?
Application should be
Affordable to enroll
Easy to access
Independent to use
Easy to learn
Saves time and money

What you do?
We develops an application with the intention to save time and money, with annual subscription

How you do it?
We approach to experienced people from particular domain and discuss about what can be done to enhance productivity with quality. We also needs to understand the scope of the application. After requirements analysis we work on simple and flexible design of an application. Once finalized we started to work on our product which will be available on annual subscription.

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